Monday, February 25, 2008

Swing Boy, SuperSampleStyle

Swing Boy, SuperSampleStyle, originally uploaded by Whateverthing.

I like the concept behind the Lomo SuperSampler. But I'm cheap. So rather than buy one, I came up with this scheme to get a similar effect using multi-shot mode on our digital point-n-shoot.

Frozen Multnomah Falls

Frozen Multnomah Falls detail

I work a few miles from Multnomah Falls, but expected that I would not get a chance to go during daylight hours to see them frozen. I was so happy when the manager announced an impromptu field trip on an afternoon the office was slow.

On the first pic above, to get a wide-angle effect (without a wide-angle lens), I stitched together a few shots into this vertical scene.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Through a Glass, Dimly

Through a Glass, Dimly, originally uploaded by Whateverthing.

From inside OMSI, upstairs
near the Science Playground.