Friday, March 09, 2007

Once Had Branches

Once Had Branches, originally uploaded by Whateverthing.

From my recent weekend a the coast, during the brief break in the rain. I saw this on the beach, and I loved something about the way it spiked out in all directions. I had trouble finding an angle that really captured what I saw in it. I think a flat and static image like this loses some of the interest found in walking around the thing and seeing it change and move from different angles. That's the challenge, I guess.

Taken just a few minutes after and a few steps away from this shot.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Twin Rocks Woodscape

Twin Rocks Woodscape, originally uploaded by Whateverthing.

I was at the coast the last weekend in February. The weekend was almost entirely rainy. In this brief window of blue sky and sun, I got a few shots of the rocks.

There's a trick of perspective here: the driftwood in the foreground is detail from the top of a piece that is overall about the size of a recliner chair -- a comfy chair! (I'm not recommending it be sat upon however.)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

WhorlyWood / RustyRock

WhorlyWood / RustyRock, originally uploaded by Whateverthing.

[ taken Sept 30, 2006 / Twin Rocks beach, south of Rockaway, OR ]
Found driftwood. The tree had aparently grown around a fairly large rock, and took the rock with it when it went adrift. The oxidzing rock has stained the edge of the wood.